Litter G


Born: 30.05.2018
Mating dates: 30.3.2018, 1.4.2018
7x male (1x stillborn), 3x female


s. Int.Ch. Mucius Fiona

Oliver Deabei, IPO3 ZVV3


Name Sex Variety HD ED DNA Other health examination Teeth/bite Testicles Titles Exams Export
Gero M GR 0/0 0/0 full, scissor OK ZZZ, ZZO, ZZO1, BH-VT -
Ghost M GR full, scissor OK -
Gipsi M GR 0/0 0/0 LTV 0, SA neg., SDCA1/SDCA2 N/N, CJM N/N full, level OK GrandChampion RO, Champion RO, Champion SK, Club Champion SKBO BH-VT Slovakia
Grant M GR 0/0 0/0 SA 0 full, scissor OK JuniorChampion SK Slovakia
Grim M GR full, scissor monorchid -
Guiness M GR full, scissor OK -
Gioja M GR 0/0 0/0 cp., vp. LTV 0, OCD neg., SA neg., eyes OK full, scissor - JuniorChampion CZ, Champion CZ, Club champion KCHBO, GrandChampion CZ, Champion SK, Champion PL ZZO, ZOP -
Gloria F GR full, scissor - -
Growe F GR full, scissor - -

Gero, Ghost, Gipsi, Grant, Grim, Guiness, Gioja, Gloria, Growe

IntCh. GIPSI Black Morion
Viktória Janečková, Ar-Cha-Ba kennel (Hronská Breznica - SK)

Health: full level bite, testicles OK, HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0, LTV 0, SDCA1/SDCA2 N/N, CJM N/N
Exams: BH-VT

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GERO Black Morion
Ivana Rusňáková (Kropáčova Vrutice)

Health: full scissor bite, testicles OK, HD A, ED 0/0
Exams: ZZZ, ZZO, ZZO1, BH-VT
Show results: 10.05.2019 - Spec. s. Písek - Exc.3 - M. Bidault (FR)
           - 11.05.2019 - WDS Písek - Exc.1, CAJC, FMBB World junior winner - M. Bidault (FR)
           - 13.07.2019 - CAC Mladá Boleslav - VG2 - A. Lubaszka (PL)
           - 24.08.2019 - CACIB Mladá Boleslav - VG1 - K. Hořák (CZ)
           - 30.11.2019 - CACIB Praha - Exc.1 - H. Pisarčíková (CZ)
           - 01.12.2019 - CACIB Praha - VG1 - A. Grygarová (CZ)


GHOST Black Morion
Miroslav Houdek (Strupčice u Mostu)

Health: ful scissor bite, testicles OK


GRANT Black Morion
Simona Hudecová (Slovenský Grob - SK)

Health: full scissor bite, testicles OK, HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0
Show results: 11.05.2019 - Club s. Písek - Exc. - M. Bidault (FR)
           - 01.06.2019 - Club s. Malý Lapáš - Exc.1, CAJC, Club junior winner - B. Schwarzentruber (CH)
           - 18.08.2019 - CACIB Bratislava - Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB - M. Krinke (CZ)
           - 21.09.2019 - Club s. Horka nad Moravou - VG1- K. Lawless - (IE)
           - 12.10.2019 - Spec. s. Veľké Kršteňany - Exc.1, CAJC, VSVM, BOB, BIS junior - J. Zembjak (SK)
           - 26.10.2019 - CACIB Bratislava - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - R. Kotlar (HU)
           - 08.12.2019 - CACIB Nitra - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB - M. Krinke (CZ)
           - 25.01.2020 - CACIB Nitra - Exc.1, CAC, res.CACIB - M. Uroševič (RS)
           - 17.07.2020 - CACIB Nitra - Exc.2 - T. Havelka (SK)
Titles: JuniorChampion SK


GRIM Black Morion
Ivana Koláčná (Rudná u Prahy)

Health: full scissor bite, monorchid


GUINESS Black Morion
Martin Mokoš (Jihlava)

Character test: 83 points
Height/lenght: 67/66 cm
Health: full scissor bite


s. GrandCh. GIOJA Black Morion
in our kennel

Breeding: brood bitch, selection KCHBO
Character test: 94 points
Height/lenght: 59,5/62 cm
Health: full scissor bite, HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0, LTV 0, OCD neg., DNA cp., DNA vp., Eyes OK
Titles: Champion PL, Champion SK, GrandChampion CZ, Klubový Champion KCHBO, Champion CZ, JuniorChampion CZ

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GLORIA Black Morion
Juliana Němečková (Babice u Českého Štemberka)

Health: full scissor bite
Show results: 22.06.2019 - CACIB Brno - VG1
           - 07.09.2019 - CAC Olomouc - Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ - O. Dolejšová (CZ)
           - 21.09.2019 - Club s. Horka nad Moravou - VG1 - K. Lawless (IE)


GROWE Black Morion
Pavlína Feugnerová (Děčín)

Health: full scissor bite


For next Fiona's mating we chose almost 11 years old

Ich.Ch. OLIVER DEABEI, IPO3, ZVV3, ZPO2, ZPS1 (s.r.Ch. Picard Precio de Brunalines x s.Ts. Ch. Ysel Comm un Reve Noir)

Oliver is healthy, in good condition, still active, fast, almost without gray hair.

Oliver is one of the most successful groenendaels. Being out of show line, he passed the highest exams - not only IGP 3 and ZVV3, but also VPG2, ZPO2, ZPS1 and very difficult defense exam ZPO2. He is a beautiful strong male with good bones, excellent angulation, neck, elegance, beautiful ear and black eye. If everything goes well, we will have great puppies.
Fiona is one of the most successful show bitches.
Fiona was mated 30.3.2018 and 1.4.2018. Puppies should be born in may/june.

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