Our story

I finished School of Agriculture in 1991. I had a chance to go for a work to Italy. I took the chance and set off.

I was working in a kennel, where were around fifty dogs! Most of them were huskies, but also samoyeds and finnish spitz. I loved the job, I spent almost the whole days around dogs.

At the international show in Milan, where I went with the breeder, a black furry dog with sparkles in his eyes caught my attention. It was a groenendael. This was my first encounter with this breed.

Later in Italy I had a chance to get my first dog. The northern breeds are nice and sweet, but their character is not so suitable for me. After reading various articles about the belgians, I decided this is the one - a belgian shepherd girl.

In January 1993 we went to one of the first italian kennels "di Vildor". I was choosing between two black females. Finally I was proudly taking the smaller and shorter one - Ara. She puked all over our car while the ride back. At that time, there were samoyed puppies in the kennel I was working at, and Ara immediately made friends with them. Ara was loud just like them and they dig holes together. The little samoyeds were just as black as Ara - sometimes it wasn't even able to say who is who!

I took her everywhere with me. She became really dependant. From the little black tornado a beautiful lady grew up. In the winter 1994 I decided to go back home and so I came back to the Czech Republic with Arabel di Vildor.

Arabel di Vildor became the originator of my kennel "Black Morion" and a mother of the successful IntCh.Blacka Jack Black Morion, B.Tr., that stayed with us. The third member of our pack was Csaholczay Qwando, who came to us in 2002. At that time, I lived in a small apartement, I bred only two litter. In 2003 we finally moved to a big house in a village.

After Arabel passed away (12 years of age), I went with my friend for another girl Lia, who was waiting for us in the "de Bruine Buck" kennel in Netherlands. I'm so grateful to Tom Roozen for giving me the only and the most beautiful girl.

Black Morion 2022