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our story

I finished the University of Agriculture in the year 1991 and the same year I got chance to work in the kennel in Italy. So I hit the road.

There were about 50 dogs in the kennel I had worked. Most of them were huskies, but there were also some finish spitzs. I really enjoyed to work with dogs and I spend most of the day with them.

One day we participated in the International Dog Show in Milan. And it was where I met the groenendael for the first time. Beautiful black, hairy dog with sparkling eyes. It was love at first sight.

Later I got possibility to have my dog. Nordic breeds are really beautiful and pleasant, but not fully for my nature. After I had read couple of articles about Belgian shepherds, I decided for the female of groenendael.

In January 1993 I visited one of the oldest kennel in Italy "di Vildor" and came back with Ara. In the kennel I worked we just had puppies of Finnish spitzs, so my Ara had friends. They played together and had a lots of fun.

I started to take Ara with me wherever I went. She became little "junkie". Small black ball lightning arose into dog lady. In the winter of 1994 I decided to come back home to Czech republic. And of course I took Ara with me.

Arabel di Vildor became the founder of my kennel "Black Morion" and mother of very successful dog MCh. Black Jack Black Morion, B.Tr., who remained by me. The third dog I took was beautiful male Csaholczay Qwando. Because I had lived in small flat I only had two litters. In the year 2003 I definitely settled in a big house on a village.

After Arabel had died (12 years) I got new female Lia, which was born in the Dutch kennel „de Bruine Buck“. This way I have to thank a lot to her breeder Tom Roozen, that he left me the only and very beautiful female from the litter.

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