Planned puppies


Litter J Black Morion - s. GrandCh. GIOJA Black Morion and GURU Deabei, BH/VT

Intervarietal crossing (supported by the CMC club) of the tervueren GURU Deabei (Ouragan des Feux Farouches, RING 3 x Ulu Gratsiano, IGP3, CACT)
and our GIOJA Black Morion (IntCh. Oliver Deabei, IGP3, ZVV3, ZPO2 x s.IntCh. Mucius Fiona).

Guru is a young dog, strong, balanced, but at the same time social, living in a family where his owner Katka is preparing him for IGP as her first dog.
Guru is healthy as are all his littermates.

Gioja is the daughter of Oliver Deabei, the only groenendael, who passed not only IPO3, ZVV3, but also ZPO2 (defender dog test 2)
and on top of that he became Interchampion.

The puppies won't be extra hairy or show-ready, but they will be athletic, active, ready for sport and for active owners who want to do something with their groenendael and who have time for it. You can find the contact here.

Black Morion 2022