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For the first litter of our Gioja, currently preparing for ZVV1 I, chose, after long consideration, Viper Deabei. I was looking for a male in both show and work lines, but I wanted primarily healthy, not related and proven line with nice exterior and working drive. I will continue breeding under the CMC club, which agrees with the intervariety breeding with Viper.

Viper Deabei: HD A, ED 0/0, SA: 0, SDCA1+2: N/N, CJM: N/N, IGP1, IGP Havířov cup winner 2021.

He comes from the successful V litter - all 9 littermates are HD A and ED 0/0; Vano Deabi - IGP3, 2x CACT, vice-champion of the republic CMC; Valnoot Deabei - IGP3; Visky Deabei - IGP1; Vuki Deabei - Mondioring 1; Veget Deabei - BH.

Viper is middle size, compact, with dark eyes and small ears. He lives with his owner Jaruška Targošová, works with Vladimír Košťál - excellent defense, nose and jumps. Balanced, confident dog, character test CMC: 5555555.

We are expecting puppies suitable for sports and looking for owners with experience with a working breed and training, who are willing to “do something” with a groenendael. For those who are truly interested in this breed.